After discharge from a health facility

Isolation, loneliness, resentment

It is characterised by isolation, loneliness, resentment and regret where the teenage mother is challenged with being a parent to a vulnerable depending infant. Physically, the recovery period is challenging and breastfeeding is experienced to be difficult.

Making Sacrifices

A relationship formed during the teenage years can be lasting and many young mothers cope admirably with caring for a baby. But there is no doubt that pregnancy requires a teenager to make sacrifices and accept responsibilities that require huge lifestyle changes.

Cultural issues such as a restriction on visitors, or remaining indoors increase her loneliness and resentment.

Fear of Stigma

Some teenagers fear and experience stigma from friends, general public, educators, health professionals and public services and this result in the decision to leave school. Lack of schooling and educational support impacts on the teenage mother’s opportunities to gain personal and financial independence