Prepublication release: 29 April 2020

How do the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown influence South African pregnant women?

Being pregnant amid the world-wide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus is particularly stressful and pregnant moms across the country express their concerns.

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Implicated in a medical negligence case

Midwifery and obstetric medical negligence claims in South Africa are big business. Over the past decade there has been a steady increase in the number of malpractice claims brought against health care providers in South Africa specifically in maternity care; and in the monetary damages awarded to plaintiffs.

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Apgar Score

What is meant by the Apgar Score?

If this is your first baby, you will be quite surprised by your baby’s appearance. Instead of the picture-perfect little angel, your baby will most probably look bluish, and covered with blood and cream-cheese-looking sticky stuff (Vernix).

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Pregnancy & Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes develops during pregnancy and may persist after the birth. Due to advances in medicine, most diabetic women have healthy babies.

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