Choosing a birthing option that’s best for you

What option is right for me?

Few women give attention to the way they wish to give birth when they find out and usually select a primary caregiver based on friends’ and family’s recommendations. But by the second trimester, the questions of birthing options start to creep in. The central question should however be: “What do I need to know to give birth and what option is right for me?”

Midwifery-led care vs. Medical management/obstetrician-led care

Women who choose a midwife wish to deliver naturally with minimal interference – usually in birthing hospitals. Low-technology care is provided in a homely and relaxed atmosphere. Childbirth is regarded as a normal life experience where confidence in the body’s natural ability to cope with childbirth is promoted.

“Understanding birth technology shouldn’t lull you into thinking you understand birth. The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind, they are known through the heart.”

At home vs. in hospital

Having the baby at home may be an option for a mother who previously experienced a healthy, uncomplicated and straightforward pregnancy. At home, you decide how to give birth. When in a familiar environment, you are more likely to relax and to manage the pain of contractions.