The Role of Research in Nursing & Midwifery Practice


In striving for excellence in care and practice that advance the health and well-being of patients and families, communities and populations, both the professions of Nursing and Midwifery have a rich history of research and scholarship to generate evidence.

The Goal of Research

The goal of research within the boundaries of the disciplines of nursing and midwifery, is to generate a body of knowledge and evidence to improve practice and quality nursing and midwifery care for individuals and families, communities and populations.

Globally nurses and midwives are encourage to get involve, participate, and collaborate in research.


“If you have an inquiring mind, identify problems in clinical practice and strive to achieve better outcomes, you are conducting research, because you are “re-looking” to bring about changes to the better or your clients and patients” – (Du Plessis, 2015).

To advance on the progress and achievements nurses and midwives has made in the domain of research and scholarship, ongoing education and capacity-building in research is a key consideration.