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Ursula Hasenkopf asked 1 year ago

Hi Diana,
It has been such a LOONG time. I am not sure if you remember me from 1997!  Ursula (my surname was Spicer). I gave birth to a baby girl, Kristen.  You were there the day I went into labour (Dr. Loocke was my doctor) and I came to your classes.  It helped me so much. My daughter is now going to be a mom.  
I said that she needs to come to YOU for classes as that really helped me with my joyful event. I would love to connect with you to get more info on your classes for her etc.
Big love
076 817 3298

Dr Diana Du Plessis replied 1 year ago

Dear Ursula

How wonderful to hear from you! Please contact me on or WhatsApp or phone me on 0824512557. The very first baby born in Baby Wise had a boy 2 years ago. I cannot wait to meet up with you all again. I’m beyond privileged.

Kind regards


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