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There is global recognition that we can improve the health of children into adulthood when we see the first two years of life as a key window of opportunity. Hello World: Watch Me Eat provides parents with the tools to make an impact on their child’s current and long-term nutrition and guide them to become role-models for their nutritional intelligence. This edition welcomes registered Dietician, Slava de Gouveia who has been working in a state-funded facility for almost 10 years and along the way had her son, Jorge, both of which have combated her with great knowledge and understanding of introducing solids to you child.

2 reviews for Hello World: Watch me Eat – Printed Edition

  1. Lorinda Viviers

    Ek is ‘n eerste keer mamma en was baie onseker oor wat vir my voorgelê het.

    Ek was baie gelukkig om die Hello World reeks se eerste boek “A Baby’s Journey” in my tweede trimester te ontvang. Ek het menigte boeke nageslaan oor raad en inligting.

    Die boeke is “maklik” verstaanbaar en word daar nie hoë mediese termes gebruik wat jou dalk onseker en nogsteeds in die donker laat nie.

    Ek het nie meer nodig om “Google” te raadpleeg as ek iets nie weet nie ek gaan direk na my Hello World boeke. Ek het sopas my “Watch me Eat” boek ontvang en sien uit na nog meer boeke in die reeks.

  2. Belinda van der Merwe

    Growing up, I heard people say, it is not easy being a parent, children don’t come with manuals. I always wondered what it meant, because it seemed much easier to be a parent than a child.

    Now, that I have two wonderful daughters of my own, I realise that being a parent is not that easy, and I too wish that they are born with, each of their own manuals.

    Hello World: See me eat, has answered so many of my question. How much are children suppose to eat at what age? What to look out for as allergies, and the most wonderful thing is the recipes that are included in the book.

    I am sure that every mother, wants what is best for their child, often forgetting that daddy also wants to be there but don’t always know what to do or where to help. My husband loves reading the “Tips for Daddy”, that is insightful and helpful (for mommy).

    This is a must-have book, perfect for baby showers to help the new mommy-to-be.
    Now knowing that each child doesn’t come with manuals, Diana and her wonderful team have created this book that is the closest book you will ever have to a “how to raise a child” manual.

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