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Few things in life are as wonderful as witnessing the joy of pregnancy and the miracle of child birth. However, with joy comes much uncertainty for new parents. Hello World: A Baby’s Journeyis a practical and realistic guide for new parents who crave peace of mind in the form of knowledge and humor. Diana and Aneke hold your hand through your pregnancy, labour and the first 6 weeks after birth with their unconventional and intricate knowledge of your baby’s journey.

3 reviews for Hello World: A Baby’s Journey – Printed Edition

  1. Berta Wahl

    Ek beveel dit hoogs aan vir alle ouers, nuut en die wat nog kinders tot hulle gesin byvoeg.

    As ‘n nuwe mamma en pappa was ek en Karel geseënd om vir Dr. Diana du Plessis en Babywise te ontdek. Sy het ons gerusgestel, gelei en bygestaan met jare se ervaring en kennis. Ek is baie opgewonde dat Diana hierdie kennis nou vasglê het in Hello World: A baby’s journey!

    ‘n Boek sonder tierlantyntjies, wat die nodige inligting deurgee en selfs ‘n afdeling het vir pappas. Hier is al die raad wat ‘n ouerpaar sal nodig kry – van natuurlike geboorte tot keiser… van wat jy kan eet tot hoe baba gaan eet. Kleurvol saamgevat met scancode videos is dit al wat jy nodig het om jou journey as ouer te begin! Ek beveel dit hoogs aan vir alle ouers, nuut en die wat nog kinders tot hulle gesin byvoeg. – Berta Wahl (Emma) van 7de Laan

  2. Tanja King

    “Hello World” is a fresh new title which creates the expectation of fresh new informative information to assist the new (or sometimes even not so new) mom, and the book series has not disappointed!!

    The Hello World books also come in a series of 5 exceptional reads to assist with each stage of your pregnancy, childbirth, as well as your child’s development. The 3 books that have been published thus far, are:
    • Hello World: A baby’s journey
    • Hello World: See me drink
    • Hello World: Watch me eat

    One of the most common problems with the literature on parenting is that it is often limited to limited to certain elements and more often than not, largely based on how one “should behave or act” in certain given circumstances. Moreover, these types of books normally leave one with more unanswered questions or a sense of shame and/or guilt if you do not raise your children in a specifically prescribed manner. The difference in Hello World is the fact that it was written by Dr Diana Du Plessis and Aneke Grobler, who are both mothers, who both work in the industry, and who advocate loving your child above all else. They create a deep understanding that all children are uniquely different and that there are always answers and support for any situation (good or bad) that you might be exposed to during your journey into parenthood.

    The concepts in the books are very well defined, and the language is clear and convincing, making it unambiguous and well-written works of art. The books have also been developed based on years of experience and research, accurately exploring and covering probably almost every scenario that you could face during pregnancy, childbirth, and child development.

    An easy and illustrated read, these books are written in a very warm and informal manner, creating a comforting feeling that you are not the first, nor will you be the last to go through certain experiences with your child. This also makes them very hard to put down. As each child is so uniquely different from any other, this set of books is a treasure that can be enjoyed over and over throughout each stage of pregnancy and child development.

    Definitely, a brilliant and insightful read for anyone who wants to, or is expecting/ has questions about any of the topics covered/wants to support someone who is expecting/ assists others who are expecting/ or is in some way linked to the profession. Without a doubt a set of books that will be appreciated by many now and in years to come.

  3. Amanda Nel

    Being a first-time parent is often quite daunting and can be very scary.

    There are so many questions, so many situations you find yourself in without proper answers. As your baby grows and develops, the questions and uncertainties don’t stop. As a new phase is entered, new worries arise.

    Of course, everyone has an opinion and this just confuses you even more. That is why the Hello world series is such a welcome resource to any parent, whether you are a first or fifth-time mom or dad.
    It takes you right through pregnancy and birth, covers all you need to know about your newborn and leads you into toddlerhood. It makes you feel empowered with knowledge and information is relevant and easy to understand. The photo’s make parenthood ‘real’ and even questions you have not thought about are covered.

    Even an uncertain parent will feel like an expert with these books. They have certainly helped me to broaden my knowledge and understanding and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more or wanting to refresh their memories.

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