Prof Eunice Seekoe

Acting head of Fort Hare’s new Health Sciences Faculty.

An Inspiration to many

No matter what you feel, back up your feelings with a test! And if you do test positive check your HIV status to make sure that you get antiretroviral medication as soon as possible.

Honoured by Businesswomen’s Association

Currently, the acting head of Fort Hare’s new Health Sciences Faculty, Prof Eunice Pinky Seekoe, has been recognised by the Businesswomen’s Association for her outstanding contribution to academia and health sciences in the Eastern Cape. Prof Seekoe was one of six deserving category winners announced at the BWA Eastern Cape regional awards ceremony.

I overcame gender-related roadblocks in my career by being assertive, persevering, patient and by focusing on the vision and what I know best.

Barrier to Female Leadership

Firstly, it’s because men think that women are not capable of thinking critically and making strategic decisions and that we should depend on them to create opportunities for us. Secondly, other women not being prepared to support each other but wanting to be submissive to men for favours. Thirdly, is balancing leadership role in order to make sure that family is not neglected and that children are also empowered to be independent and believe in themselves.