Fountain Medical

A business dominated by the mother-and-baby and clinical infant markets.

Market Leader

Fountain Medical is largely regarded as the market leader within the market segment of “mother and baby – infant feeding”, and is widely recognised as being innovative, highly service oriented, with a high level of expertise both at product and consumer support levels.

Hospital and Clinical Markets

During the 1990’s Fountain Medical won various State contracts for the supply of infant incubators and related equipment. Although initial product was imported, this led to the establishment of a local manufacturing facility in a joint venture with an associate local company. After several years, this facility was sold to the JV partner, but Fountain Medical retains it’s interest and involvement in the hospital and clinical markets.

A dedication to the commercial provision of premium quality service and products to parents and their babies, in order to make a real and positive difference to the quality of their lives.

Infant Care

Within the “infant care – clinical” segment Fountain Medical enjoys excellent acceptance, especially in the area of infant feeding and breastfeeding, where a very high profile and presence is maintained.