Ringworm in babies and children

Contrary to popular belief, a ringworm is not a worm! It is named as such because the fungus, also called tinea, takes on a circular shape or worm-like appearance in infants and children.

What is meant by the Apgar Score?

Apgar Score

If this is your first baby, you will be quite surprised by your baby’s appearance. Instead of the picture-perfect little angel, your baby will most probably look bluish, and covered with blood and cream-cheese-looking sticky stuff (Vernix).

Pregnancy & Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes develops during pregnancy and may persist after the birth. Due to advances in medicine, most diabetic women have healthy babies.

The First Stage of Labour

If you and your partner are well informed about what to expect, then you will be better placed to cope with any difficulties.

Introduction to Solids

I truly believe in the principle of baby-led weaning: It is important to wait for signs of readiness from your baby, [not your friends’ or a stranger’s readiness] before starting solids.

Making sense of Baby Poop

Making Sense of Poop

New parents are often jittery about the wellbeing of the babies and add baby poop to the mixture, and it can send a new parent hunting around for medication and medical consultations.